Fill your home with the scent of nature

If you’re the kind of person who likes to know the ingredients of the products you breathe in, I’m sure you’ll understand why we don’t use terms like Home Fragrance, Aroma or Parfume, because these words refer to synthetic petro-chemicals as all our scents are made using 100% natural ingredients. Unlike most fragrances, our scents don’t contain:

❌Synthetic Fragrance ❌Animal Ingredients ❌Parabens and Phthalates ❌Petroleum and Paraffin ❌Dyes

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Discover the twoodle Co Story

Twoodle Co was born from out of a near tragedy, as founder Tim Rundle-Wood explains: “We moved into a new place and to make it more homely, I purchased Reed Diffusers from the local supermarket and put one n each room. Henry (Tim’s Spanish Water Dog) followed me around trying to get a sniff at what I was doing, so, not thinking anything of it, I let Henry sniff the Reed Diffuser, within seconds I knew something was wrong”

Unbeknown to Tim, the Reed Diffusers he had purchased were full of toxic synthetic chemicals that can be fatal to children and pets.

“Henry began acting very strangely, so I tried to comfort him and saw that he was frothing at the month. He seemed to be frozen to the spot, so I tried to move him and he gave out a blood curdling squeal – it was at that point that I knew this was serious, so I called the vets imminently” Henry was put into an induced coma and after a week being expertly cared for…

We’re very pleased to announce that Twoodle Co are officially an award winning brand. We have won a London Prestige Award for Eco-Friendly Product Retailer of the Year 2019/2020.