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Founders Story

Twoodle Co was born as a result of a near tragedy, as founder Tim Rundle-Wood explains: “We moved into a new flat and to make it more homely I purchased Reed Diffusers from the local supermarket and put one n each room. Henry (Tim’s Spanish Water Dog) followed me around trying to get a sniff at what I was doing, so, not thinking anything of it, I let Henry sniff the Reed Diffuser, within seconds I knew something was wrong”

Unbeknown to Tim, the Reed Diffusers he had purchased were full of toxic synthetic chemicals that can be fatal to pets.

“Henry began acting very strangely, so I tried to comfort him and saw that he was frothing at the mouth. He seemed to be frozen to the spot, so I tried to move him and he gave out a blood curdling squeal – it was at that point that I knew this was serious, so I called the vets imminently”

Henry was put into an induced coma and after a week being expertly cared for, he pulled through and was well enough to come home.

Tim was told by the vet that Henry had suffered from inhalation toxicity, caused by sniffing the synthetic Reed Diffuser directly and so he decided to investigate.

Tim and Henry inside the Shoreditch Store Twoodle Co Natural Home Scents

“I unearthed a shady world of synthetic fragrances mixed with nasty chemicals such as hormone inhibitors and petro-chemicals, all hidden legally under words like Fragrance, Aroma and Parfume. This shook me to the core and I’d been let down by the brands I trusted, as I felt mislead by their packaging and marketing, which made me believe these products were made of natural ingredients”.

Click here to see the list of almost 4000 chemicals that are allowed to be legally hidden.

This prompted Tim to design his own natural scents, each of which are inspired by his happiest memories, and created using essential oils.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to create scents that go back to the way things should be – natural, by challenging the world of synthetic fragrance and hidden chemicals. We will lead the way by being 100% transparent with our ingredients.

100% Natural Ingredients

We only use 100% natural ingredients. All our scents are made using essential oils and absolutes and all bases are made from vegetable waxes (candles) and vegetable glycerine (Room Diffusers and Room Sprays) and any decoration are food grade ingredients (such as flower petals) and all our glitter is biodegradable Cosmetic EcoGlitter. These glitters are produced using a special biodegradable film which is taken from sustainable and responsibly sourced plant extracts. The main ingredient is a plant cellulose, derived from sustainably farmed eucalyptus trees.

100% Ethical

We are an ethical brand through and through. All our materials and ingredients are certified cruelty free and vegan by PETA and are free from all animal and insect ingredients/processes and no animal testing takes place at any point of production. Our products are vegan by design. All our ingredients and materials are ethically sourced, we make sure all the producers of our raw materials and ingredients are paid a fair wage. Our U.K. team based in London are paid the London Living Wage as we believe our work force should be paid fairly.

Read our Ethical and Environmental Policy

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Safety – CLP

All our scent blends are independently tested to strict EU safety standards (CLP) by a substances and mixtures specialist to ensure the best quality and the highest safety standards. Read our Essential Oil Safety & CLP policy. What is CLP?

Safety – Candles

We take candle safety very seriously and have innovated a unique and new safety feature. All our candles now come with the bottom of the wick fitted with a safety clasp to stop the candle burning too low. This prevents the common problem of the flame causing the glass to explode.

Safety – Synthetics

All our products are free from all synthetic chemicals, including: Synthetic Fragrance/Aroma/Parfume, Petro-chemicals, Parabens and Phthalates, Petrolatum and Paraffin and Dyes. We also don’t use any carcinogenic or harmful essential oils or absolutes.

Fun Fact: The name Twoodle is a portmanteau of founder Tim’s name, Tim Rundle-Wood.

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