A job with us here at Twoodle Co, is so much more than just a job. We believe strongly in creating natural, sustainable and ethical products, as well as creating a unique experience for our amazing customers and team.

We help develop all our team members with personal goals, not just businesses goals, with all team members getting personalised one to one coaching with Twoodle Co founder Tim.

We believe in a kindness economy, where business, its people and the community grow sustainably side by side. Here are our core values:


We do what we say we’re going to do, when we said we will do it. 


We believe in a kindness economy and that being kind to everyone, in everything we do, creates a better world.  


We always see the positive in everything and believe that life is truly rigged in our favour.  


We are creative beings and embrace our creativity in everything we do, from problem solving, to our relationships.  


We are transparent in everything we do, not just our ingredients. 


We are open to anything, even if it doesn’t align to our beliefs and we accept that the things that challenge our most strongly held believes, often is the place where we can get the biggest personal growth.  


Everything we do is ethical, from our products being certified vegan and cruelty free, to all our materials being ethically sourced. 

Looking for job? We reccomend these helpful places: