Natural Home Scent Christmas Collection

Christmas is a time for sharing intimate moments and for creating special memories. When you discover our natural scents, they will help you create indulgent moments by using our scented candles and room diffusers that are kind to the planet and kind to you. Adorn your Christmas tree with our eco-friendly scented ornaments that are decorated with biodegradable glitter. Give the gift of nature this Christmas, to yourself and the ones you love.

Christmas Scented Candles
25 Hour Burn Time

Christmas is the time of year for snuggling up on the couch with a warm cup of coco while watching your favourite Christmas film.

The tree lights twinkle and a candle light flickers, filling the room with warm spices, rich pines and fresh citruses.

Our natural Christmas Candles will surround you with all the comforting scents of this most magical time of year.

NEW for 2021 – Columbia Road Garland

Christmas Scented Candles – Medium
50 Hour Burn Time