The Christmas Collection

As Winter sets in, and the leaves have all gone, soft snow flakes begin to silently fall, surround yourself with warm winter spices, fresh evergreens and festive fruits.

Christmas Tree Natural Home Scent Collection

Christmas Tree Collection

Vibrant, bright and festive

Essential Oils: Pine Needle, Fir Needle, Spruce Scots Pine, Birch Wood and Lemon Grass.

As soon as you bring in the Christmas Tree, the wonderful scent of pine brings with it seasonal cheer. Set a roaring fire, while the majestic tree takes pride of place in the front window and adorn the branches with trinkets and twinkling lights while humming festive songs and sipping a festive tipple.

Deck The Halls Natural Home Scent Collection

Fresh, cheerful and joyful

Essential oils: Pine, Tangerine, Clove, Cinnamon, Peppermint, Cedarwood and Birch Wood.

The welcoming warmth of pine.  The crisp peppermint of candy canes, sweet citrusy dried tangerine, along with carefully tied pouches of spice, adorn the branches of your Christmas Tree.  This scent will bring back your favourite memories of Yuletide.

Eastern Treasure Natural Home Scent Collection

Eastern Treasure Collection

Deep, musty and mystical

Essential oils: Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Cedarwood, Birch Wood.

The winter twilight casts deep shadows of wood, musk and shades of Oud.  This dark, eastern attar hints at a hidden memory, that lays slightly out of your grasp.
This is the scent of mystery, intrigue and delight.

Gingerbread Natural Home Scent Collection

Gingerbread Collection

Spicy, warm and comforting

Essential Oils: Ginger, Cinnamon, Clove, Vanilla (essence), Benzoin, Lemon Grass, Birch Wood.

After a hard days work, come home to the comforting scent of gingerbread. The oven door opens and the smell surges through the house, bringing the family flocking to the kitchen. Instantly your taste buds burst into song as the ginger creates the melody and warm spices dance in harmony.

Mulled Wine Natural Home Scent Collection

Mulled Wine Collection

Fruity, spicy and homely

Essential Oils: Davana, Bitter Orange, Cinnamon, Clove, Mandarin and Birch Wood.

You clasp a steaming cup of hot Mulled Wine, as you take in the glittering sights and smells of the Christmas Market. The warm spices sing of Christmas comforts and the tangy fruits combine into a wistful winter adventure.

The Fire Hearth Natural Home Scent Collection

The Fire Hearth Collection

Smokey, woody and welcoming.

Essential Oils: Smoked Birch, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Thyme.

Come into the warm, out of the wind and the rain. The gentle crackle of burning wood entices you as you pull your favourite blanket around your shoulders. You sink into a cosy arm chair and feel the warm embrace of The Fire Hearth.

White Winter Natural Home Scent Collection

White Winter Collection

Fresh, crisp and tranquil

Essential Oils: Vetiver, Rose Geranium, Jasmine Officinale, Juniper Berry, Pine, Cedarwood and Birch Wood.

Fluffy clouds roll in over the midwinter dusk and white snowflakes begin to gently fall through the silent night.  Like a beacon, the rising sun cuts through the clouds and icy air, revealing a pure snow covered scene.  For a moment, the warm rays release winters icy grip on the pure flowers that sparkle like diamonds.  A moment of wondrous joy.