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How To Buy Plastic Free Christmas Gifts And Wrapping

For many, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but unfortunately, this isn’t the case for the environment. When purchasing Christmas gifts for family and friends, the vast majority of people won’t be thinking about whether or not the items they’re interested in are plastic-free. Trends are changing though and more people are thinking about How To Buy Plastic Free Christmas Gifts And Wrapping

Every year, households will fill dozens of bin bags with plastic packing from gifts and non-recyclable plastic-coated wrapping paper. Whilst it is easy to think that your rubbish alone doesn’t seem like much, when you consider how many households there are in the UK it is really scary to think how many bin bags we go through as a nation at Christmas time.

If you’re looking for some tips for buying plastic-free gifts and wrapping this year, keep reading!

Plastic Free Christmas gifts

Children’s toys are notorious for their plastic content, including the excessive package. However, most don’t consider the hidden plastics in other gifts. For example, hand soaps and moisturiser pumps dispensers are not usually recyclable.

When purchasing gifts this year, be sure to check if;

  • There is plastic in the gift itself.
  • Plastic is in the gift’s packaging.
  • You’re able to recycle the gift and its packaging.

More often than not, when stores sell plastic-free products they will have this clearly displayed somewhere on their website. It may also be highlighted next to an individual product if it is completely plastic free. Often if you can’t find anything about the recyclability of a product, it is likely it will not be recycling friendly. Eco conscious consumers may wish to avoid these as they go straight into landfill and the environment.

To give you an idea of what you should look out for when buying candles online, for example. Here at Twoodle, our candles are in glass jars with bamboo or wooden lids and they have a silicone seal. This makes them 100% recyclable and plastic-free. Our other products such as lip balms are also in eco friendly packaging.

Mulled Wine Lip Balm natural and plastic free handmade by Twoodle Co Natural Home scents

Eco Friendly Christmas wrapping

Whilst there is a vast range of beautiful Christmas wrapping papers on the market, unfortunately, an incredibly high percentage of them aren’t recyclable. One huge problem with many wrapping papers is plastic glitter and foil, and glitter designs.

When wrapping your Christmas presents yourself this year, try to use;

  • Recyclable or biodegradable paper, there are plenty to choose from, or even fabric.
  • Biodegradable EcoGlitter to add your own decoration to plain paper.
  • Plastic-free tape, eco-friendly glue, wax seals and natural twine.

When shopping online, be sure to check the gift wrap and packaging services. Ensure that they are also plastic-free too. Companies should state whether or not their wrapping is recyclable. If you can’t see it anywhere on their website, be sure to ask their customer service team.

If you’re buying online with us here at Twoodle, you can find out about our wrapping on our environmental policy page.

Eco friendly plastic free Christmas gift wrapping scent with Love and care by Twoodle Co Natural Home Scents

Additional Christmas items

As well as gifts and wrapping, this year if you’re wanting to go plastic-free, think about the following too;

  • Decorative bows and ribbons
  • Gift tags
  • Christmas cards

It is just as important to check that these are recyclable.

How To Buy Plastic Free Christmas Gifts And Wrapping this Christmas

Hopefully, the information above will be beneficial to anyone who is thinking about How To Buy Plastic Free Christmas Gifts And Wrapping this Christmas. It is actually a lot easier than people assume to have a plastic-free Christmas and anyone can easily implement the tips mentioned above. Even if you have never really thought about the recyclability of the products you purchase before, now is the perfect time to start and you can make sure that you’re being proactive this year.

When searching for somewhere to buy eco-friendly gifts, like our hemp candles, natural room diffusers and other home scents products, be sure to visit the Twoodle website. We have made a conscious effort to eliminate all plastics from our products and their packaging, making everything you see on our website 100% plastic-free. When buying candles online with us, or anything from our Christmas Gift Collection, we can assure you that all paper, gift boxes, packing tape, packing boxes, and packing materials are 100% plastic-free. Our packaging also comes from a recycled source, and can be recycled too. We can easily help you when you’re wanting to be plastic-free this year.

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