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How To Use Natural Scents For Personal Wellness

Natural Scents For Personal Wellness can be a really good way to improve your mental wellbeing. When thinking about the five different senses we have and listing them in order of importance, unfortunately, many would consider their sense of smell to be somewhere near the bottom. Whilst there is no denying that things such as sight and hearing have such a huge impact on our daily lives, many are actually unaware of just how much of an influence the different scents that we smell have on the way we feel.

Without going too much into the science of how things work, your olfactory receptors, that play a central role in your sense of smell, are directly connected to the limbic system in your brain, where emotions, moods and memories are processed. So, simply put, when you smell specific scents, they can make you feel a certain way. However, different people do respond to different scents in different ways and this is all due to the connotations that they have with a particular scent. For example, if a scent reminds you of something good, then it will be more effective in making you feel better.

Due to the powerful impact of scents on the way you feel, many use natural scents to improve their overall wellbeing and they can be incredibly effective. Simply having natural scented candles or room diffusers in your home can have an impact on your general mood and emotional state. If you’re wondering how different scents generally tend to affect people in this regard, below we have looked into the four main categories of scents in more detail.

Citrus scents

It is thought that natural citrus scents, such as lemon and orange, can boost your energy levels and make you feel happier. Often, this particular scent will remind people of the summer months and long days full of sunshine which can also help to improve their mood.

Many choose to light natural scented candles that are made with citrus essential oils in the morning to make them more alert and set them up for the day ahead. They are also great to use for a pick-me-up whenever you are feeling a bit sluggish.

Floral scents

It is thought that natural floral scents, such as lavender and jasmine, can reduce your anxiety level and make you feel sleepy. Of course, floral scents usually remind people of flowers and meadows which tends to help decrease tension and increase tranquillity.

Lots of people will have floral-scented room diffusers in their bedroom or scattered around the house to generally make them feel calmer. They are also known for being particularly effective in helping you get a better night’s sleep and we’ll talk more about this in my next blog.

Spicy scents

It is thought that natural spicy scents, such as cinnamon and cardamom, can soothe nervous tension and make you feel relaxed. As you may expect, the majority of spicy scents remind people of baking and Christmas time, both of which are usually happy memories that positively affect your mood.

Typically throughout the autumn/winter months, people will use natural scented candles in their home that are made with spicy essential oils and this will get them into the festive mood and generally lift their spirits making them feel cosy and warm.

Woody scents

It is thought that natural woody scents, such as eucalyptus and sandalwood, can help with concentration and make you feel reassured. Usually, woody scents remind people of the great outdoors and nature which helps them to feel grounded and strong.

Often, people use woody scents throughout their whole home and they can make it feel like a happy place. This scent works really well in potpourri or essential oil-infused ornaments, so they can be a permanent feature around the home.

Purchasing Natural Scents For Personal Wellness

There is no denying that using natural scents can be incredibly effective when wanting to improve your personal wellness and simply purchasing some naturally scented home products, such as candles and room diffusers, can make such a big difference to the way you feel on a daily basis. You will be surprised just how effective simply replacing your synthetic fragrance products can be.

When searching for somewhere to purchase natural scented candles and room diffusers from, be sure to browse the Twoodle website. We have a vast selection of different products that cover all of the categories mentioned above. Every product that you see on our site will be made with 100% natural ingredients and our scents are created using essential oils, so you can always purchase from us in confidence.

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