Limited Edition Scented Candles

Piano Mindfulness Candle and Digital Album

The Piano Mindfulness candle is a collaboration between Twoodle Co and pianist Emma Jackson. Together, Tim and Emma have created a scent designed to compliment Emma’s latest Piano Mindfulness 2 album.

Each candle comes with it’s own pin number, giving you unlimited lifetime access to Emma’s new Piano Mindfulness 2 album – scan the QR code, enter your unique pin number, light the candle, sit back and get lost in Emma’s soothing music.

Columbia Road Scented Candles

This collection of scents brings to life the world famous Columbia Road flower market. Dating back to the 1860s, the flower market – local to our Shoreditch store, inspired Tim to create scents that will take you to this vibrant and colourful part of London.

The beautiful labels feature art by local artist and Twoodle Co team member Valerie.