Pet Safety

We care very deeply about pets here at Twoodle Co and in fact, it’s one of the reasons we started making natural homes scents to begin with. Our products are safe to use around pets in most circumstances but they should be kept well out of their reach, as essential oil products need to be used with caution around pets. We advise you do not to use Room Sprays around pets. If any liquid containing essential oils comes into physical contact with your pet, rinse with cold water and seek the advice of your vet.

Usage Tips

  • Keep all Twoodle Co products fully out of reach of pets (out of licking distance!)
  • Do not let pets smell, sniff or lick any essential oil product directly
  • If you suspect any of our products could be affecting your pet, cease usage immediately and consult a vet

It’s worth noting that increasingly in recent years, misleading, or false, sensationalist stories have been circulated on social media in regards to essential oil usage and pets. Essential oil toxicity in animals is mainly caused through ingestion and/or direct and prolonged skin contact, in its pure, unadulterated form. All our products are diluted with natural base oils and waxes, so are safe to use around pets, as long as you follow the directions about and keep them away from direct contact.


Linalool, a naturally occurring chemical found in some essential oils, in particular Lavender is thought to be toxic to cats. It’s worth reading this article by The Happy Cat for more information if you have any concerns. As mentioned above, our products are diluted and so pose a minimal risk. All our products must be kept well out of their reach and the room must be well ventilated.


There are several essential oils that are dangerous to use around dogs, including Tea Tree and Winter Green. We do not use any of these oils in our blends and all our products are safe for indirect use around dogs. All our products must be kept well out of their reach and the room must be well ventilated.

For more information visit the RSPCA website.


This information is intended to help you make informed decisions and use our products safely and is not medical/veterinary advice.

If you have any concerns or questions please contact

Updated: 29th September 2019