Night Divine

💫Night Divine💫
Scent profile: Fragrant, opulent and peaceful
Scent Strength: Light

Essential Oils: Frankincense, Ginger, Sweet Orange, Black Pepper, Rosewood, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Star Anise.

Scent feeling: a feeling of being safe and secure. Pure happiness and peace.

Scent description: Once upon a winters eve, peace and calm fill the air. The stars shine their guiding light, surrounding you with warmth and care. And in that special moment, you feel a love that can’t compare.

  • Night Divine | 50ml Room Diffuser Refill
  • Night Divine | 50ml Subscribe and Save Room Diffuser Refill
  • Night Divine | Car Diffuser
  • Night Divine | Diffuser & Candle Gift Set
  • Night Divine | Medium Scented Candle
  • Night Divine | Mini Scented Candle
  • Night Divine | Room Diffuser
  • Night Divine | Scented Heart Ornament
  • Night Divine | Scented Star Ornament
  • Night Divine | Small Scented Candle
  • Night Divine | Wax Melts x6