Blue Moon | Eucalyptus & Opal Aura Crystal Candle

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💎Opal Aura Crystal
🔵Eucalyptus Essential Oil
🌟Burn time: 20 hours
✨100% Biodegradable & Plastic Free
🐰Certified cruelty free and vegan

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Blue Moon: Eucalyptus Essential Oil & Opal Aura Crystal Candle

These beautiful scented crystal candles are handmade with coconut wax, Eucalyptus essential oil and are decorated with x1 full moon charged Opal Aura crystal and blue biodegradable glitter.

During the rare Blue Moon your dreams will become more vivid than ever. It is perfect for manifesting your heart’s desire. This is a second chance to reset and release.

Each crystal candle is unique and individually handmade by our small team in our independent store in Shoreditch, London. They come housed in a copper tin and have a burn time of approximately 20 hours.

🆓FREE 30 DAY RETURNS More info here
Dimensions: (Copper tin) height – 4.5cm, diameter – 6.5cm, 90g NET
🌿100% natural, plastic free & Eco-friendly
🌟Burn time: 20 hours
🤲Handmade in our London store
🐰Certified cruelty free and vegan

Instructions: First burn, ensure your candle melts right to the edge. this takes about two hours. your crystal will sink and as the candle burns down, the flame will charge your crystal and be revealed once fully burned. allow to cool, then Clean and keep the crystal. All crystals are pre-charged in the full moon.

♻️Ethical and sustainable ingredients
Wax: Our Holistic & Well-Being candles are made from sustainable Coconut wax.
Essential oils: all our essential oils are ethically sourced, Fairtrade and organic where possible. All our essential oils are independently checked to ensure purity and all our blends are CLP compliant.
Award winning: Twoodle Co won Eco-friendly products of the year in the London Prestige Awards 2020/21.

🐰Certified vegan and cruelty free by PETA.

👍Scent Guarantee: We’re so confident you’ll love our scents, if you are not completely happy with any product, we’ll pay for its return and give you a full refund. Item must be returned within 30 days. U.K. only. Find out more about the TwoodleCo scent guarantee

Eucalyptus essential oil: Tim chose this for the ‘Blue Moon’ scent because Eucalyptus is also commonly used to enhance visions and to aid in divination. This ability to help receive insight relates to its capacity to centre your mind and focus. Once, one of the rarest and most highly prized of all essential oils, Eucalyptus is Nature’s healer, helps removes the negativity and brings in positive vibes.

Opal Aura Crystal: Tim paired the Opal Aura crystal for the ‘Blue Moon’ scent as it radiates joy, hope and optimism. This rare type of quartz bonded with platinum has an intense vibration which helps cleanses our aura, balances and our Chakras and is a source of love and light. Opal Aura can facilitate a deep meditative state of relaxation, which allows for newfound information to be received and retained from our higher-self. As a crystal of harmony and balance, Opal Aura invites us to make a deeper connection with the divine cosmic consciousness of the universe.


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