Candle Snuffer and Wick Trimmer Set | Rose Gold

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Rose Gold Candle Snuffer/extinguisher and Wick Trimmer Set

Candle Wick Trimmer: A trim wick is important for the entire life of a candle, not just the first time you light it.  Before lighting (or re-lighting), the wick should be 5-10mm and these stainless steel, rose gold/copper coloured wick trimmers are perfect for the job, not only performing a critical function but an item of beauty in itself.

Trimmer dimensions:
Arm: 17.5cm long

Candle Snuffer: Snuffing out your candle not only prolongs its life, it also stops the wick from smouldering into un-lightable ash. Most importantly, it also prevents wax and smouldering ash being blown onto surrounding objects, like your furniture and carpets, so preventing damage. This rose gold stainless steel candle snuffer is the perfect accessory and a must for all scented candle enthusiasts.

Snuffer dimensions:
Arm: 16cm long
Bell: 2.5cm high, 2cm wide

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