Eastern Treasure Three Wick Scented Candle


📦Free UK delivery and free returns
⏰40 hour burn time
✨Coated in Biodegradable Eco Glitter
💝gift box
🎋Includes wooden lid

📦Free UK delivery and free returns 🌿100% natural 🐰Certified cruelty free and vegan 🤲Handmade 💖100% plastic free 💚 Eco-friendly


📦Free UK delivery and free returns
⏰40 hour burn time
✨Coated in Biodegradable Eco Glitter
💝gift boxed
🎋Includes wooden lid

Made from the finest English Hemp wax our unique essential oil blends and coated in gold biodegradable EcoGlitter, our Three Wick candles are perfect if you like a strong burst of scent.

👑Eastern Treasure👑
Scent profile: Deep, musty and mystical
Scent Strength: Strong
Essential Oils: Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Birch Wood

Scent feeling: feels rich and opulent.

Scent description: The twilight casts deep shadows of wood, musk and shades of Oud. This dark, eastern attar hints at a hidden memory, that lays slightly out of grasp. This is the scent of mystery, intrigue and delight.

✔Aftercare instructions
✔CLP and candle safety information
✔Wax/essential oils blend: 450g NET
✔Frosted candle glass: height – cm, width – cm
✔Wooden lid: width – cm, depth – 1cm
✔Gift box (optional): height – cm, width, cm, length – cm

Scent Guarantee: We’re so confident you’ll love our scents, if you are not completely happy with any product, we’ll pay for its return and give you a full refund. Item must be returned within 30 days. U.K. only.


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