The Fire Hearth | Scented Heart Ornament

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🌟Guaranteed for 12 months
✨100% Biodegradable

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The Fire Hearth Scented Ornament – Guaranteed for 12 months

The Fire Hearth scented ornament is a warm, smoky and woody scent.

These beautiful scented ornaments are the prefect gift. Hung by a bed, in the bathroom or in the kitchen they will give off a gentle scent that is guaranteed to last for a minimum of 12 months and comes presented in a beautiful reusable copper tin.

🆓FREE 30 DAY RETURNS More info here
🌟Guaranteed for 12 months
✨100% Biodegradable

🔥The Fire Hearth Scented Ornament
Scent group: Woody, very smokey
Scent profile: Smokey, woody and welcoming
Scent strength: Strong
Essential Oils: Smoked Birch, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Thyme

Scent feeling: the warmth of the fire makes your cheeks glow as you get lost in the dancing, flickering flames

Scent description: Come into the warm, out of the wind and the rain. The gentle crackle of burning wood entices you as you pull your favourite blanket around your shoulders. You sink into a cosy armchair and feel the warm embrace of The Fire Hearth.

Decorated with: A twigs and brown, gold, green and red biodegradable EcoGlitter.

♻️Ethical and sustainable ingredients
EcoGlitter: We only use biodegradable EcoGlitter made from Eucalyptus resin. Using biodegradable glitter means our products won’t pollute our environment with micro plastics. Micro plastic are fast becoming the biggest scourge of our time as they pollute our oceans, sea life, water supply, animals and us. The World Wide Fund for Nature carried out a study in 2019 and found that the average person unknowingly consumes five grams of plastic per week in their water and food. This is why we only use EcoGlitter. Please note that care should be taken when opening your ornament and some of the glitter may come loose once packed.
Essential oils: all our essential oils are ethically sourced, Fairtrade and organic where possible. All our essential oils are independently checked to ensure purity and all our blends are CLP compliant.
Award winning: Twoodle Co won Eco-friendly products of the year in the London Prestige Awards 2020/21.

Heart: width – 6cm, height – 6.5cm, depth – 2.5cm, weight – 44g
String length (approx.) – 14-15cm
Copper Tin: height – 5.5cm, circumference – 8cm

🐰Certified vegan and cruelty free by PETA

👍Scent Guarantee: We’re so confident you’ll love our scents, if you are not completely happy with any product, we’ll pay for its return and give you a full refund. Item must be returned within 30 days. U.K. only. Find out more about the TwoodleCo scent guarantee


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