TRANQUILITY | Amethyst Crystal Smudge Stick

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🟣 Chakra: Crown
🟪Feng Shui Bagua: Family, wisdom
🌿100% natural, plastic free & Eco-friendly
✨100% Biodegradable & Plastic Free
🐰Certified cruelty free and vegan

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Tranquility: Amethyst, Palo Santo, Lavender & Thyme Smudge Stick

This beautiful Smudge stick are handmade with Sage, Palo Santo, Lavender & Thyme and are decorated with x1 wire wrapped Amethyst crystal that comes charged in the full moon.

Each Smudge stick is unique and individually handmade by our small team in our independent store in Shoreditch, London.

Instructions for burning: Light only the very end of the bundle (do not light the whole sage bundle). The flames will go quickly, then the bundle will smoke – this is when you carry out your cleansing and clearing ritual. Once you’ve finished your ritual or space cleansing, stub out the burning end of the sage in salt or sand to help it keep for longer. Do not leave unattended. Store in a smudging dish.

🆓FREE 30 DAY RETURNS More info here
🌟Guaranteed for 12 months
✨100% Biodegradable

♻️Ethical and sustainable ingredients
Materials: We only use materials that have been ethically and sustainably sourced.
Award winning: Twoodle Co won Eco-friendly products of the year in the London Prestige Awards 2020/21.

🐰Certified vegan and cruelty free by PETA.

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💎Amethyst Crystal: Tim paired the Amethyst crystal with the ‘Tranquility’ smudge stick as helps relieve stress and strain, soothe irritability, dispel anger, rage, fear and anxiety. Amethyst is know to activate spiritual awareness and has cleansing powers. Like lavender, it can calm the mind, helping you become more focused. Amethyst can also assist in remembering and understanding dreams.

🟣Chakra: Crown
This energy centre controls your connection to spirit, as well as the of universal consciousness, wisdom, unity, and self-knowledge. Its associated colour is purple, which is reflective of its connection to spirituality and enlightenment. If you are drawn to this candle it maybe that your crown chakra is blocked. A great practice for unblocking your crown chakra is Qigong yoga. This helps clear negative energy that could be blocking your connection to the divine.

🟪Feng Shui Bagua: Family, Wisdom, Prosperity
Use this smudge stick in the above Bagua areas of the home or work place for an extra boost of energetic chi.

🔮Element: Spirit
The spirit element does not have the same structure as the physical elements as the spirit is not physical. The element of the spirit goes by many names, the most common are spirit, ether or aether and quintessence (which is Latin for fifth element). The spirit is a bridge between the physical and the celestial realms and can also been seen as the bridge between the body and the soul.


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