Room Diffuser Refills

Keeping your Room Diffusers topped up is critical to keeping your Room Diffuser operating at its optimum performance and also helps the environment.

Room Diffuser Refill Care Information


Our plastic free Room Diffuser refills are an eco-friendly and cost effective way of maximising the life of your Twoodle Co Room Diffuser. Once your Room Diffuser becomes half empty, it releases the scent at a much slower rate, so keeping your Room Diffuser topped up will keep it working at its optimum capacity.


We recommended refilling your Room Diffuser over something that can capture spills or drips, such as a sink. Remove the paper tape seal and unscrew the aluminium lid from the bottle, taking care not to spill any of the contents (the bottle and lid can be widely recycled). If any of the contents spill, mop up immediately with a cloth. Remove the twigs and carefully and slowly pour the contents of the refill bottle until the diffuser bottle is almost full – do not overfill, leave approximately 10-15mm space from the top of the diffuser bottle, so the contents won’t spill over the edge. If there is any liquid left in the Room Diffuser refill bottle, screw the lid back on and retain in a safe place to refill at a later date. Keep all safety guidelines for future reference.  All packaging is plastic free, reusable and recyclable.