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The Luna Eclipse – Blood Moon

What is the Blood Moon?

On 16th May 2022, at approximately 4-8am, we were treated to the first Blood Moon in over 3 years and with what’s going on in the world right now, it feels like a significant time globally. So read on if you want to find out what the Blood Moon is, why it’s so significant, how can you use it to manifest your dreams and when the next one is.

The Blood Moon or Luna Eclipse is when the Sun – Earth – Moon come into perfect alignment (see the image above). The Sun’s rays gets refracted through the Earths atmosphere, which shifts the colour of the light to the red part of the spectrum, turning the moon crimson. It’s a fairly rare event and the last time it happened was January 19th 2019. Here is a list of up-coming Luna Eclipse dates:

  • November 8th 2022
  • March 14th 2025
  • September 7th 2025
  • March 3rd 2026

Is the Blood moon really that significant?

While The Blood Moon has a clearly defined scientific explanation, for thousands of years, our ancestors have used the Luna cycles and Luna events to help them interpret and understand the world around them. There are those who may scoff at these events having any significance as being all woo-woo, and that’s fine – we have to allow everyone to be themselves. It’s worth remembering that having the best life experience is all about having an open mind and heart.

At the moons fundamental level, the change in gravity on us throughout the moons elliptical orbit, absolutely does effect us – weather we want to believe it or not. A good analogy is you can go out into the summer sun believing it won’t burn you, but it will still burn you. It’s the same with the moon, we can choose to believe it doesn’t effect us and it will carry on effecting us regardless. Knowing how it can affect us, enables us to use this to our advantage – like using sun protection before stepping out into the summer sun.

What does the blood moon mean for you?

It is believed that the Blood Moon has the power to evoke a significant shift in your destiny and we can use this to shift our feelings towards love and unity – this is the significance of blood. With more and more people tapping into this energy, it is beginning to bring about a global shift. It may feel like there is allot of evil at play in the world but I believe our collective positive energies are simply brining all negativity into the light and even more so when that is the light of the Full Blood Moon.

how can we harness the power of the blood moon?

The blood moon can also heighten the power contained within our infinite intelligence – so how can you access this? It was for this very purpose that I (Tim Rundle-Wood) created our Blood Moon Crystal Candle, bringing together Patchouli essential oil and Garnet Crystals, which can be used in Blood Moon rituals and practices.

Blood Moon: Patchouli Essential Oil & Garnet Crystal Candle

Patchouli essential oil: Patchouli is earthy, warm, comforting and is very grounding. One smell of it feels like taking in the direct scent of nature. It is known to balance emotions and uplift the senses and encourage restful sleep, which can, in turn, improve mood. It is our connection between Mother Earth and her daughter Luna and it heightens this connection. Patchouli will envelope you in the scent of love, togetherness, connectivity and unity.

Garnet Crystal: Garnet is a powerful grounding crystal that can help you feel safe. When you feel safe, you are able to make choices that are connected with your authentic self and that will help you come a step closer to knowing and understanding your dharma. Your dharma is your life’s purpose, the reason you came to this earth, to help others in what ever way is right and true for you. The Blood Moon shines a crimson light on the things we don’t want, so we can remove them from our lives and replace them with positivity. This gem stone gives us the strength to face these sometimes harsh sides ourselves and humanity, that we often ignore and find difficult to look at.

Blood moon rituals and practices

So now you know what the Blood Moon is and how it can be used for good, you probably want to know some practical ways you can harness this power.

1. Meditation

There are many types of meditation, which is a subject for another blog, so I’m going to recommend finding a ‘guided meditation’ on YouTube. A quick search for ‘blood moon guided meditation’ will give you loads to choose from and you will likely find some that have been created specifically for the upcoming blood moon. Listen to a few and see which one best resonates with you.

Before starting the meditation, remove the lid of your unlit Blood Moon Crystal Candle, hold it in both hands and think about all the things in your life that you love. Imbue your candle with love and passion.

Then place the candle on a safe, non-flammable surface and light the candle. As the flame begins to dance, allow the Patchouli to surround you, enhancing your feeling of love and then begin your mediation as the flame begins to charge the Garnet crystals.

2. Manifestation ritual

Nine nights before the Blood Moon, every night before you go to sleep, write on a post-it note a mantra of what you want to manifest. Remember to be very carful what you ask for – the universe tends to be very literal. Focus on asking the universe to full-fil what you need, rather than what you want. It could be something like this:

I attract perfect (insert here what you want to manifest, eg. abundance) in the most perfect way, with love and gratitude”

Once written on a post-it note, fold it in half and put it under your pillow. For added enhancement, do this after the above guided meditation, just remember to extinguish your candle before sleep.

Think about what you’ve written (and is now in your pillow) as you are drifting off sleep. Do this every night for nine nights before the Blood Moon. If you have a fire pit, on the night of the Blood Moon, burn all nine post-it notes and release your desires to the universe.

3. Moon Water

Every month, during the three day full moon cycle, I make moon water. This practice has been recently popularised by celebrities such as Victoria Beckham. Your moon water can be drunk the next morning, so you can cleanse yourself of unwanted energies and harness the power of the full moon. The Blood Moon is an opportunity to add extra power to your moon water, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Find a beautiful (and clean) glass jar or bottle, one that feels special, preferably with a lid
  2. Cleanse the space with one of our Sage Crystal Smudge Sticks
  3. Fill your jar or bottle with water, preferably distilled or spring (filtered tap water is fine as an alternative)
  4. Place your jar in a safe location where it will get direct moonlight (this could be a garden or a window ledge)
  5. Light your Blood Moon Crystal Candle and arrange crystals and sacred items around your jar, see our Crystal Candle Holders for inspiration
  6. Read aloud the mantra you created above with your hands on the jar or bottle
  7. Write down your mantra again on a post-it note and place it under the jar or bottle
  8. Leave the jar/bottle overnight and bring in before the light from the sun hits it

I hope the above will you, please let me know if the comment below if you have any questions, share your experiences or what you learnt – I’d love to hear from you.


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