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Cruelty-Free Home Fragrances

How To Buy Cruelty-Free Home Fragrances

Many consumers these days are becoming more conscious about shopping cruelty-free home fragrances. It isn’t uncommon for people to assume that all vegan-friendly products are also cruelty-free. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. ‘Vegan’ is the name for products that don’t contain animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients. Whereas ‘cruelty-free’ is the name for products that aren’t tested on animals.

Whilst many will say that the definition of a vegan product goes far beyond whether it simply doesn’t contain animal products, and we agree with this. Unfortunately, it is these loose definitions that dictate product labelling. There is no denying that this can make navigating your way through cruelty-free and vegan products incredibly confusing.

To try and help anyone who already shops vegan but would also like to shop cruelty-free too, we have put together some information that may be beneficial to you. Below are some important things to look out for when you’re purchasing things such as vegan candles, vegan hand soap and other similar products.

Check The Supply Chain

Unfortunately, no specific laws exist regarding “cruelty-free” or “no animal testing” labelling of products. Furthermore, not all companies have the same high standards when allowing manufacturers to label their products. This means that whilst a product manufacturer may have eliminated tests on animals for their finished products they haven’t for the ingredients in this product.

Always check the company who has provided them with the label and what their standards are. A simple search on the internet should provide you with the information that you need in this regard.

Illegal Labels

This isn’t necessarily as common as it used to be, some manufacturers use the logos from vegan certifications illegally. Upon first look, you will then assume that the vegan candle or vegan hand soap that you’re interested in is cruelty-free and okay for you to purchase, but this isn’t actually the case.

Thankfully, it is easy to check whether a company is allowed to be using the logo that they are. All you need to do is check the organisation that provided the certifications website to find a list of the manufacturers that they certify. For example, here is PETA’s list of vegan companies that don’t test on animals.

certified cruelty free and Vegan by PETA UK Twoodle Co natural home scents 2

Different countries have different laws

Some manufacturers may be smart in the way that they word things. You may find that they say they don’t conduct animal testing unless required by law. They may choose to pay to pay for tests on animals in order to sell more products elsewhere.

It goes without saying that these aren’t the types of manufacturers that you want to purchase products from. Additionally, when giving them your money, you will be supporting them and their cruel testing. So, just be careful when looking into vegan and cruelty-free manufacturers. Again, use different vegan organisations websites to check before you purchase if you’re ever unsure.

Purchasing cruelty-free Home Fragrances

Hopefully, you will now know what to look out for when you’re shopping. You will find it much easier to figure out whether the items are actually cruelty-free. Here at Twoodle, we are incredibly proud to be both vegan and cruelty-free and certified by PETA and on their “don’t test” list too.

Being on the “don’t test” list means that both us and our ingredient suppliers don’t conduct, commission, pay for, or allow any tests on animals anywhere in the world and will not do so in the future. In order to get our certification, PETA checked the entirety of our supply chain to ensure that everything is cruelty-free. You can confidently purchase our products in confidence, so feel free to browse our website today.

PETA Approved Curelty Free and Vegan Twoodle Co Natural Home Scents

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