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Why It’s Important To Buy British Handmade

Why It’s Important To Buy British Handmade

It’s more important than ever to support small businesses and in this blog we explore why it’s important to buy British handmade. Including the economical benefits, origins, and ethical implications.

Whether you’re purchasing birthday presents or Christmas presents, there is no denying that you will have a vast number of different shops to turn to. Due to the convenience of doing so, many will also shop online. As a society, it is more common than ever before for people to do all of their shopping online.

Thankfully, lots of consumers are making a conscious effort to buy British handmade products instead. It goes without saying that there are a number of benefits to doing so.

Support the economy

With the current economic climate and the fear of another recession, buying from small independent businesses is incredibly important. Making an effort to buy products that are sourced and produced locally will boost the economy and also support employment.

Not all consumers realise just how much of a difference their individual shopping habits can make. Simply buying candles online from a local store rather than an international company should never be considered ‘pointless’.

Know the origin of the products

It can be incredibly difficult to find out where products are made and the origin of ingredients when buying from bigger stores. When you buy British handmade this will help you to ensure that you’re investing in locally-sourced products.

Knowing the origin of the products will help you to ensure that the ingredients and materials are ethically sourced. You can trust that all producers of raw materials and ingredients are paid a fair wage and fairly treated which is undeniably important.

Help fight climate change

It really can be shocking to discover the damage big manufacturers across the world are causing. Being more aware of the world around you and your own carbon footprint is important. Buying locally will actually help you to reduce your carbon footprint.

If all consumers make a conscious decision to invest in smaller local companies, it will likely have a huge positive impact on the environment. Simply investing in British handmade can help to combat climate change.

Better quality products

Unfortunately, mass-produced home scents products tend to suffer in terms of quality. Many don’t last as long as you expect and they can even be made full of toxic synthetic chemicals. British products are guaranteed to adhere to all relevant safety and quality regulations.

When you shop locally, you can trust that the company you invest in truly cares about providing exemplary products to its customers, which isn’t necessarily the case for bigger companies. In general, you can expect products that are superior in quality.

Buying candles online that are British handmade

It is fair to say that it is incredibly clear why it’s important to buy British handmade. All consumers can do their part and shop locally for British handmade products when purchasing gifts. Starting to be conscious of the way you shop and who you’re investing in will have more of an impact and is the way forward.

If you’re wanting to buy natural scented candles online and you’re specifically looking for a local store that handmakes their products, be sure to browse the TwoodleCo website.

We are incredibly proud to provide our customers with beautiful home scents items that are made with 100% natural ingredients and that are 100% ethical. You can buy candles online from our store in confidence knowing that you are consciously making a difference.

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